Sunday, October 12, 2008

This Week...

has been a week of many "issues". So yesterday I was feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Sometimes all it takes is a different perspective to make things seem a little better. Soo...I decided to look at things individually through the lense of my camera and it definitely helped!
I couldn't help but laugh while Morgan played with a neighbor friend and of course my pets are always doing something funny. So I thought I'd share some of the pics that I took. It made me realize that my life is Still GOOD!
Morgan is still amazing and I love her so much!

This is Mischief aka Missy- we've been together a really long time!

Then of course there's Buddy, who jumps in my kitchen hutch everytime the doors are open. Crazy Cat!

Ok, so meet Oliver aka Ollie. I had a huge moment of insanity this past Monday at the pet store with Morgan...yep we came home with Ollie "(like I need anything else to take care of right now, but we have enjoyed watching him.)

Sooo...Ollie meets far there hasn't been the remains of a blue appetizer on my counter top... yet. I honestly think Buddy's not that interested...It would be too much work to catch him!

Morgan always enjoys playing outside!

This is me watching the kids play...mmm

And this is me trying to find some humor left in the day! hahaha ( you know what they say...if you smile/laugh, your spirits will have to rise at some point too! ok so it was worth the try!)

A glass of pomegranite green tea from the Tea Smith in attempt to gain some focus, and my notepad waiting for the never-ending list of to do's.

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Amy© said...

Awesome pics! I esp. love the one of Buddy with the books! (You know me, I am such a sucker for both cats and books!)