Tuesday, April 21, 2009

For those of you who have been wondering...

what I've been painting and up to the past couple of weeks...well here you go! Below is our closet at its worse. This house has the smallest closets of any place that we've lived so far and the fact that Aaron and I have to share a closet makes it even more interesting! So the first 2 pics are of the messy closet and half of the mess dumped out on my bed so we could work in the closet!

After pulling out the old shelves and rods we had to patch the walls, sand, and then paint -and here is Aaron after sanding the spackling in our closet...you would have thought that there was a dust storm in our room!
And finally after 4 days of a complete and total mess- here is the finished closet...it is so nice to be able to actually walk in and find what you're looking for! Aaron calls it his superman closet because there's actually room to changed in there! And we actually have done Morgan's closet and the office closet, so they're functioning spaces too-thank goodness!

Yes I love shoes! this is only half of them...the rest of them are hanging on the back of the closet door!(they're just not in the picture!)

And our room restored back to functioning order!

Then here's a little sneak peak at the office which is almost done...still working on the window trim. Yeah, being a southern girl, I really like white trim work in houses, so after 2 years I decided that I didn't really want to live with the wood trim work in our house so I've begun painting it room by room (It's a royal pain, but worth it) The green is a little softer in person. (And since someone asked me what the color was...it's jalapeno pepper by Benjamin Moore Paints picked by Pottery Barn for the Fall pallete.)

And I finally finish painting Morgan's bathroom tonight. The yellow is softer than the picture shows. It turned out nice. So that among other things is what we've been up to over the past couple of weeks!


Krista said...
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Krista said...

Aaron and Cherith, your remodel looks great! The twins' room needs you! :)