Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Unbelievably blessed...

My sister asked me for a certain picture this evening. So as I've been looking through this past years pictures I ran across these two pictures that were taken back in June the evening before Aaron had to deploy. My heart just ached when I looked at them...my two peas in a pod as I call them...to see the joy in Morgan's face as her Daddy plays with her...the security...the trust. And I realize even more how priviledged I am to have them in my life, my heart and my sunshine. Even though Aaron had to miss almost 5 months of our lives, these two are now back together with their special father and daughter bond, spending time laughing and playing again.

On a greater level, it made me think that I have such an awesome priviledge with our Heavenly Father of having that father and daughter relationship. There is such security in His arms and in His hands as He guides me and loves me. To know that He never leaves me. And even when I walk away from Him at times, He is still there waiting for me with open arms, with even more love, just waiting for me to come back to walk and talk with Him. Truly Amazing! I am so unbelievably blessed!

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