Thursday, September 23, 2010

Applejack Festival

We were actually able to go to the Applejack festival here this year. Unfortunately it turned out to be a really cold wet day, but we still enjoyed the day as much as possible. Morgan had so much fun as you can tell by the pictures...she's already looking forward to next year!

love the barn

my two peas in a pod! the apple bag was getting too heavy so Morgan had Aaron hold it while she picked more apples.

the smaller the apples the better she liked them and of course we wanted the bigger funny!

reminds me of my grandparents apples trees growing up...we would eat apples until we felt sick!

we have such an amazing Creator

she actually stopped long enough for me to snap this one

we all fell in love with these 5 wk old puppies. they were precious

Morgan's first time holding a was a little hard not to bring one home...
(then we had a reality check, cant' handle a puppy right now, but maybe one day!)
the orchard

Morgan drinking a cup of hot chocolate while freezing!

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