Friday, July 18, 2008


It's amazing mom has always called us her sun, moon, and stars because even though we're sisters, we're completely different. Obviously I'm the oldest by quite a few years. I was almost 8 when Sarah was born and 20 when Carissa arrived. I think I probably have most of the characteristics of the oldest child. Responsible, Protective, Opinionated, and for the most part easy going! I call my middle sister, Sarah, the dark beauty of the family (I still think she was secretly adopted or there was a milkman or postman involved somewhere!-my mom will disagree!) She's 21 and is an amazing person. She's incredibly artistic and talented and has no limit on what she can do. Besides being an absolutely beautiful person on the outside (which by the way Sarah whether you believe or not, a lot of women would give pretty much anything to have your physique!- including myself.) she's beautiful on the inside as well. A lot of times she thinks I'm the crazy one in the family, but I can usually get her to finally smile when we're together. I really miss you girl! And then there's Carissa (aka Kissy-bug) who was indeed a great big suprise. I tease Mom all the time that she missed me so much that she just had to try to replace me while I was at college! She is by far the most intense of the 3 of us, and the most wild one. She definitely walks to a beat all her own, but she is an incredibly loving and an affecionate child. She laughs and smiles very easily. I love her bunches. Sometimes it's not until you get older that you realize how important siblings are. We share a whole lifetime of history together-the good and the bad, and even though we haven't always been close due to our distinct differences in personalities, I am so thankful for them, and that we're becoming much closer as we grow older. I love you two so much and I miss you.

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Amy© said...

LOL you can say all you want about Sarah being the mailman's daughter or whatever else, and I know you don't see it, but you two look SO much alike! The coloring is, indeed, very different, but the bone structure and features are very much alike. I can see you both in Carissa as well. When is Sarah coming back for a visit?

And get rid of the captcha? I HATE it! :)