Monday, July 7, 2008

Just for fun...

Ok, so I had a little creative moment tonight....My good friend Kim recently went to Mexico City, and she graciously gave me a copy of her pictures to browse through. They are all incredible and she has an amazing perspective when it comes to photography, especially travel photography...she could be one of those photographers for national geographic, or for a travel agency!!! But for some reason this black and white caught my eye. I love that it's just a portion of a gate with a stairway on the other side. Kim and I both have this thing for doors and gates. So other than increasing the contrast on the black and white picture-it's all Kim's work! But after playing with some other color options I love the comtemporary-graphic artwork that came out of it! For anyone who truly knows me, they know that I love color! Now I wonder how this one would print up on canvas to put in our playroom in the basement. mmmm....don't worry Kim, I still plan to have it done in black and white for my office. ok, my creative playing is over for the night, back to work editing more picures!

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Amy© said...

I think it would be very cool in the playroom. ;)

Neat pics!