Sunday, November 2, 2008

Farewell to Grace, but oh how amazing is God's Grace.

This is Grace, she's been my car for a little over 8 years. She's the first car that I've ever owned. I was 21 and in desparate need for a car and had very little to work with financially. I received a small loan from my bank and off I went looking for a car. After a couple weeks of looking around and doing some research, Aaron and I (we were dating at the time) decided to take a trip down to Jacksonville, Fl and see what we could find there. This car was the last on our list to check out and it turned out to be the one that was for me. She was beautiful, in excellent condition inside and out and drove like a dream! I was ecstatic. God in his timing had provided a car that was just right for me! I know you're not supposed to get attached to things and I completely understand that. But I think since this was my first real car I did get a little attached to her, maybe it's not so much the car itself but the memories and history of my life that took place in her. The many trips to the beach, the multiple hours that Aaron and I spent talking in the car, dates, going down to Pensacola, Fl and picking up my best friend from college for the weekend and blaring Bon Jovi as we left the school campus. Visiting Aaron while he was in different training sessions, Road trips here and there and everywhere, Countless hours of praying and thinking while driving, Riding home from our wedding night, Driving to Savannah, Ga for our honeymoon, Multiple moves across country, Bringing Morgan home from the hospital, Picking up friends and family from the airport, Driving to and from the airport when we flew home, Picking Aaron up from TDY's, Taking Morgan to school on the first day, and the list can go on and on. Memories are an incredible part of our lives, and there were obviously a lot that took place in my car. Well three weeks ago... I was driving to pick up Morgan from school, it was pouring rain and I was taking my typical route on the dirt/gravel road. Now I have driven on dirt roads since I started driving so they're not anything new to me. I was going under the speed limit when I hit a huge mud slick and before I could gain complete control I skidded into gravel, completely lost control of the car, hit a ditch and flipped the car upside down. Sooo, I find my self upside down (thank goodness for seatbelts and guardian angels) and I'm thinking this is so not happening, I've got to pick up Morgan from school!!! And of course Aaron is deployed at the time. Unbelievably I walked away from the wreck without a scratch. God provided a complete stranger to take me to pick up Morgan from school and bring me back home and my friend Amy helped me with taking care of all the tedious things that go with an accident. (Thank-you so much Amy) Obviously I was stunned at the situation and it wasn't until seeing my car Grace at the impound that I really began to realize how seriously injured I could have been. And I am so thankful that Morgan was not with me. God's grace and protection are marvelous beyond words. I'm so grateful to Him for still being alive and in one piece. I will miss my little grey car, but I have the memories, and most of all God's wonderful grace!

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