Saturday, November 29, 2008

So much to be thankful for...

The past two weeks have flown by and now I actually have a moment to catch my breath this evening before I tackle my next overwhelming to do list. I went to visit my friend Kim in TX 2 weekends ago and it was non-stop but a lot of fun. I helped pick out paint colors and flooring for the renavation of her clinic and we did a little shopping along with going the play "Guys and Dolls" which was extraordinary! Then back home to take care of my two and spend an entire week working on editing two photography sessions which are finally done. yipee! My in-laws joined us Thursday morning and we had a quiet mid afternoon dinner. I really enjoyed having them here, I just had hoped for even a few more people to share the day with. Aaron and I were both looking for extra guest this year...we checked with the squadron, church, friends, and even Morgan's school to see if there was anyone who needed a place for Thanksgiving without any next year I plan on starting a couple more weeks in advance to find some extra dinner guest to share the day with!!! Moving on, my mother-in-law and I did decide to go do the whole 6am shopping on Friday morning...and since I'd never been, I figured it was about time!! We had a ball! It was a little crowded but everyone was really nice and polite at Target and it was definitely worth it just to see at least 200 people lined up in front of Target. I did buy a small little point and shoot camera to carry in my purse (to capture the little moments) in case I don't have my pro camera with me, so Morgan and I have had fun taking pictures of this, that, and the other! Morgan is thrilled with taking pictures, so maybe there'll be a little shutterbug in the family. It's nice to see that she might have an interest in something that I love! Aaron's been sick the past 3 days, so he's been really low key. Hopefully it won't get passed around the family again. Well, I finally booked the tickets to go home to GA in December for my Mom's wedding. It's the first time that we've been able to go home in almost 2years which is definitely too long to be away. It's probably going to be a trip with some interesting dynamics, but it's good to be going home as a family. I think that about catches up on the past couple of weeks. Oh yes, God blessed us with another car 3 weeks ago that fit into our budget. It's a 97 Honda Accord, champagne in color with a sunroof (which Morgan adores). It's been very well taken care of by the previous owner and we are so incredibly thankful to have another car to drive. God has really taken care of all of the details and issues that have gone along with my accident. Oh, and just in case you might be wondering!....this car's name is Noelle! (Yes, we name all of our vehicle, and no there's not any reason for concern!) To all of our friends and family, we are so incredibly thankful for you and for what a blessing you are in our lives. We miss all of you that we're away from, and so grateful to be near the ones that we are.

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