Monday, June 14, 2010

wouldn't change a thing?!!

This past week has been beyond hectic around here. And then over the weekend we had a garage sale, a close friend flew in from TX, celebrated Morgan's 6th birthday, ate too much ice cream and cake,rode a ferris wheel, worked on pictures for a client, spent Sunday morning at church, took my friend back the airport, and then to the craft store to pick up a few things for a get together this next weekend, caught up a little online with good friend, and then onto getting things ready for the week. I've spent too much time whining this past week, that I'll never get everything done and have been stressed out of my mind. I should have been spending more time in prayer. Then on the way back from the airport, I had a few quiet moments and I was thinking that in all reality, I'm so blessed and wouldn't change a thing (ok if I could handle stress a little better that would be good and feel like I had a it more "together") I think most of us feel overwhelmed on a regular basis due to everyday life, but when you really stop to think about it, would you change anything? We are at a busy phase in our lives right now, and every phase is different with it's own set of problems and blessings...I'm just going to try to be more aware of the blessings in each phase and the opportunities that I have been given.
p.s. can't believe my daughter is six...where does the time go??????

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