Monday, August 25, 2008

Human and only human...

I've come to the conclusion that a lot people consider women, especially moms superhumans and that a military wife is a completely invincible superwoman because as you know we're this whole other species that "knew what we were getting into when we married a man in the military!" I completely and whole heartedly disagree with that concept. And just like everyone else I am human and only human. Perfectly Imperfect. Three words that sum up this past week- frustration, defeat, and loneliness. I knew from the last deployment that the 2nd week is usually the hardest for me and this 2nd week was no exception. Obviously school is back in full swing here, and as I watch everyone else get into their own groove and routine and live their full and busy lives, I realize once again that I have yet to find my own niche here. Everyone that I know has been able to put down roots quickly here and find their own place and yet I feel like I'm still floundering looking for that place that I truly belong and can serve in. Isolation is something that isn't new to any military wife. Isolation from family, from friends, from a familiar place. We've been here over a year now and I know that God has a purpose for us here- he always has a purpose. And I realize that in my weakness He is made strong. This next week has to be better- it will be better. I am going to continue asking for the grace and strength to continue, wisdom in how to handle my wonderful daughter at this more than interesting 4 yr old stage she's in, and the guidance to a niche that I can truly belong and serve in. Tomorrow is another day with no mistakes in it, yet!

p.s. to the friend and her husband who were graciously willing to work on my broken down car this week, my sincerest thanks. and to my friends in WY and NC thank you for your e-mails and phone calls this week to check up on me. You were the blessings and miracles in my week.

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