Thursday, August 28, 2008

So far this week...

has been extremely busy, but it's been good. There's been a few Grrrr moments, but there's been some amazing moments as well. I received a call yesterday from the preschool that we've been trying to get Morgan into throughout the summer but there was a long waiting list, and they called to say there was a last minute opening and was I still interested- of course I said yes! It was definitely a God thing because Aaron and I had just figured pre-school just wasn't for this year. I'm thrilled with Morgan's teachers (all three of them) and Morgan is ecstatic! She starts next Friday. I kept looking at her today thinking how is she growing up sooo fast. I know the pre-school is only 3 days a week, but it's kind of bitter-sweet because it's a prelude to the next 13 years of school! I think I'll just take one year at a time, actually one day at a time is a little more my speed right now. I also enrolled Morgan in Awanas tonight, so I think that she's going to enjoy that too. She loves being around other people, she was talking non-stop after church tonight. She's amazing. Like a lot of other people, I'm probably going to be traveling over the weekend, so please keep us in your prayers for traveling safety. Also, my new camera has had a major malfunction this week and is going to have to be sent off to the Dealer, so I'll be without my camera for about 3-4 wks (that's been one of the Grrr's for the week) So everyone who knows me, knows that my camera pretty much goes everywhere with me. So hopefully, they get it fixed and back to me asap! Well that's all for tonight, it's going to be another crazy day tomorrow! I'll post some more pics of Morgan soon, since I haven't done that lately (sorry Mom!)

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